WordPress on Campus

Honestly, the most valuable tool to me in 2016 thus far has been the software WordPress. I have been using it to publish content and engage with other academics from OU and at other institutions. Also, having access to WordPress through OU Create has been phenomenal for learning more about how the web works.

I want to continue learning how to use WordPress in the classroom and experiment with ways to engage students with using this software fro creative projects. The challenge is having students personally invest in platform that (I believe) will be valuable to further their education. One way I want to instill ownership while having students use WordPress is collaboratively building an online course study guide to familiarize them with course content while also producing a resource I could incorporate in future classes.

I struggled with this prompt, because I wanted to say Pita Pit was my favorite campus resource as an ode to the recently closed restaurant. Good brain food is important for working on Campus!

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